Internship update

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted on here. I guess you could assume I’ve been busy with my summer internship at West Central Tribune, as well as updating my style blog and getting everything ready for The Advocate next year.

It’s been quite an interesting summer to say the least. I can’t believe I’m already down to my last few weeks at the paper. I truly have enjoyed working here and getting to know all the reporters and editors. They all have very different personalities, but they all seem to mesh well (for the most part anyway). I have also enjoyed meeting all the wonderful residents of Willmar and the surrounding towns.

I’ve met so many amazing people and written so many stories. An since I didn’t keep the blog updated like I had hoped, I suppose I should run through a few of my favorites:

  • One of the very first stories I wrote for West Central Tribune was about the changes to the Becker Market. The Becker Market is a weekly farmers’ market and a street fair all-in-one. Every Thursday afternoon people head to downtown Willmar for all their fresh produce. I still have not had a chance to make it down there due to the timing, but I absolutely loved meeting with the organizers and farmers to write my story. This year they added an e-coop to the Becker Market allowing customers to reserve items online and simply pick them up on Thursday. The organizers were so excited about going online this year, but the farmers were a little anxious about the new technology. Everyone was so kind and really made me feel welcome my first couple weeks in Willmar.

    Photo by Jasmine Maki

  • An unforgettable assignment was the storm in June. I had just gotten back to the house on Sunday night when it started storming really bad. The power went out, my phone was almost dead and I didn’t have any candles or flashlights. It was honestly quite scary, especially being in the old house. But, I made it through the night and was able to cover the storm damage on my way into work. It was awful to see all the fallen trees in yards and a few fallen trees had even damaged houses. But it was great to see how helpful and friendly everyone was to their neighbors. It was also interesting to hear all their stories from the storm and be able to take photos of the damage. (Article link)

    Photo by Jasmine Maki

  • In late June, I went to New London for a feature article on the local art group C.A.T. (Creating Art Together). I had so much fun talking with the ladies as they painted shirts for a special project. They were so sweet, creative and fun. It was cool to hear what inspired each of them and why they loved the group so much. (Article link)
  • I also had the opportunity to visit with Gavin Hill and Rosie Hartwig, who have been pen pals for many, many years and are now working together on several projects including a themed-theater with 15 children. I was able to go one of the rehearsals and photograph the kids, which was unbelievably difficult with the lighting and quick movements. Gavin and Rosie have such a touching story and truly are amazing people. I honored to have met them. (Article Link)

    Photo by Jasmine Maki

  • The four-day Christian music festival in mid-July was definitely my favorite part of the summer. I’ve been wanting to go to Sonshine Festival for many, many years. When I found out I would be covering the event for my internship, I was more than excited. I got to talk with amazing people, listen to a lot of music and write about all of it. But, my favorite part of the week was probably learning more about utilizing social media for reporting. I was Tweeting throughout the event and tried to post photos to Facebook when I got the chance. Utilizing social media during events like that is definitely necessary for reporting. People are looking for the latest news, even if it’s just what band is playing next or what people are doing to keep busy. It was a lot of fun and I really look forward to utilizing social media more for reporting. Not to mention, I also got to interview Drew Shirley, guitarist of Switchfoot. (Article link)

Photo by Ron Adams

Of course, I cannot forget all the articles I wrote for different tabs, especially the bridal tab. I also wrote two articles for the new issue of Live It!, which comes out in August. Since my dream has always been to start my magazine, I was more than thankful to have the opportunity to write a few articles for the magazine. I even got the chance to write a fashion article.

I have learned so much about the field of journalism from this internship and I can’t wait to put it to use at my school paper.

A big thanks to everyone at West Central Tribune for giving me this opportunity to learn and get more experience. Also, a big thank you goes out to Charly Haley. Without her I would have never got this internship!


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2 thoughts on “Internship update

  1. Rosie says:

    We enjoyed reading your internship blog update. Thank you for coming to the rehearsal and interviewing us. We certainly enjoyed meeting you and your professional personality will no doubt take you far as a journalist. Thank you! Rosie and Gavin

  2. Tressa Granrud says:

    Awesome! I think this internship has been a really good start to a very exciting career for you. I’m really glad you had the opportunity to do this and to meet such wonderful people. I loved reading your articles and seeing all the photos you have taken. I hope the West Central Tribune was impressed with your work as much as I was.

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