Writing for the Web 2

In the last couple weeks, I’ve posted two more stories on Doing it downtown for my Writing for the Web class. The first was a story about a local musician who plays on a street corner in downtown Fargo. I heard him playing during a street fair this summer. In between songs, he talked about how he always plays on the same corner because it’s located between two of the most popular downtown bars. He said he enjoys seeing the interactions between the drunks from each bar. I didn’t know his name or how popular he was at the time, but I decided to pitch the story idea at the beginning of the semester. After the idea was “approved,” I went to Spicy Pie and asked if they knew the guy that played outside their building. They said his name was Eden Parker, so I looked up “Eden Parker” and sure enough it was the same guy. I contacted him via Facebook and set up an interview. My boyfriend Robert came along to video tape the interview and ended up shooting a “music video” as well.

F-M artist shares stories with late-night downtowners

Eden was very down to earth and I was happy I got the chance to meet such a great local musician and help tell his story. I incorporated links, music, photos and video to make the story a complete multimedia package, and I think it turned out great.

The second story was the first opinion/first person piece I’ve written for class. It was also the first story I’ve ever written about running, which was kind of cool because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I remember when I first became interested in journalism I either wanted to write about fashion or running. Now, I’ve done both for the class blog.

The marathon effect: Fans get inspired to run

The story is about fans getting inspired and motivated from watching the Fargo Marathon and other races. I interviewed Mark Knutson, director of the Fargo Marathon, who said he’s seen many people watch the race one year and then run their first 10k or half marathon the next. I think it’s really cool that just watching runners can inspire others. I’ve experienced it myself and know others have too, so it was cool to share the “phenomenon” with our readers.

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