Advocate updates

For this week’s paper, I wrote a story about the Safe Zone Training sessions at MSUM. Safe Zone is a program focused on forming allies for the LGBTQ  community on campus. The overall goal is to create a welcoming community on campus for all students regardless of their sexual orientation and background. I interviewed three of the trainers for the interview and was impressed with their passion on the subject. We ended up writing our editorial on the subject and asked the students, faculty and staff at MSUM to help make campus a welcoming community for all by keeping the lines of communication open.

I also recently had the opportunity to cover former President Bill Clinton‘s visit to Fargo. Due to Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, Clinton’s scheduled opened up, allowing him to make a few stops in North Dakota and Minnesota. He came to Fargo to help rally support for N.D. Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp, who ended up winning the election. It was the first political rally I had ever been to, and it was cool to see all the excitement and energy in the arena.

Lane Zyvoloski, another mass comm student at MSUM, was also at the event and took some amazing photos we published in the paper and online. Check out her photo gallery here.

The same week I also covered a less exciting topic: special education certification. Although it wasn’t the most exciting story, it’s always nice to do one of these more informative, academic articles. It’s nice to see how things are changing to better prepare students for real world.

Along with writing, I have also been working on a few changes/additions to the Advocate. Readers can now view the PDF version of the paper right on our website. And the PDF includes one to two additional ONLINE EXCLUSIVE pages with additional stories and photographs. Check it out at

Our online editor Megan Havig and I are working on even more changes/additions to the website, so look forward to more photos and videos!




One thought on “Advocate updates

  1. Tressa Granrud says:

    Good job. Can’t wait to see the online version of the Advocate and all the changes you ate making to improve it.

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