Vintage love

I haven’t always had a love for vintage, but after meeting and interviewing some vintage collectors, researching vintage items and actually doing my own hunting, I’ve developed a great love for the old.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Michel Starnes, a self-proclaimed natural born picker. Starnes lives between her two homes in North Dakota and Florida, which she’s packed full of vintage finds from auctions, garage sales and estate sales.

Ever since Starnes was a little girl she’s been attending auctions, flea markets and sales. First, it was to please her parents. Then, it was out of need to furnish her apartment. Now, she does it purely out of love. When she came to the Herald for her interview she brought a few of her smaller items for the photo shoot. The items included some awesome binoculars, some vintage glasses, a metal toy airplane and sewing machines drawers which she’d fastened together to make hanging shelves.

Starnes and her husband are interested in old home decor and aeronautical pieces. She said when she sees something interesting she gets complete tunnel vision. Some of the items she keeps for herself; others she sells on her Etsy shop. She said someday she hopes to open a little storefront full of old vintage items and cool ’80s pieces, along with some pastries and coffee.

To hear more about her favorite finds and dreams for the future, read the full article at

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