Passing on knowledge, excitement for the arts

Early last week I was asked to write a story for Saturday’s City/State section. Although I was a little stressed to have another assignment added to my list, I was excited to write another story about my favorite place in Grand Forks: The North Dakota Museum of Art. I wrote the preview story for the museum’s 15th annual live Autumn Art Auction, which was held this Saturday  with 56 original pieces of artwork up for bid.

When I made an appointment with Laurel, the director of the museum, I expected to have a quick interview about the auction in her office downstairs. But, when I got to the museum, Laurel met me in the gallery and showed me the artwork. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to write about every piece in the auction, she still took the time to tell me each of the artists’ stories and the story behind their work.

It always amazes me how kind and helpful Laurel is when I come for a story. Not only does she give me all the information I need for the article, but she teaches me so much more about the artwork and the artists. Every time I leave her office, she gives me a new book (or two, or three), and I couldn’t be more thankful. Her passion and excitement for the arts has made me want to know more and more. And the more I learn and the more I write about the arts the more passionate I become about the arts. I think I’m getting closer and closer to discovering what I’m truly meant to do in this life.

It’s funny how when I start something new I expect to enjoy a certain part of it, but something always seems to surprise me in the best way. When I got my job at the Herald, I was super excited about my Life & Style beat. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about the Arts & Entertainment part of my job. After all, I didn’t know much about the arts. I never took many art classes. I didn’t sing or paint or draw. I was never involved in theater, and I quit band as soon as I possibly could. I always had a great appreciation for music. I enjoyed going to plays. And, I was always amazed by talented artists, but I never saw myself as an artsy person. I guess I just didn’t know enough about it to care all that much. 

But, after a few months on the job, I’ve been fully immersed into the art community in Grand Forks, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m learning so much and meeting some awesome, inspiring people and hopefully sharing it all with the Herald readers in an entertaining and informative way that gets them excited and passionate about the arts.

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