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Here, there and everywhere

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my stories on the blog, but I’ve been doing a lot of fun things lately. I figured it was time for a quick update, so here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to in no particular order:

  • I visited Altru Hospital and met a couple caring nurses who were trying their best to make the holidays a cheerful time for their patients. Melissa, the childlife specialist, took on a little project with the ever-so-popular Elf on the Shelf. She refused to take credit for the little elf named Elfie. “He just showed up,” she said, creating some holiday magic for the children in the pediatrics unit. To read more about their efforts, click here.
  • I chatted with Steven Grant Douglas about his journey from The Empire in Grand Forks to Broadway. The talented actor from Stephen, Minn., landed a lead role in the nationally touring production of “Ghost the Musical” right after performing “Avenue Q” in Grand Forks. We talked about his role, the tour and adjusting to the much larger audiences and life on the road. Read more here.
  • I visited with Rachael Hammarback, owner of RH Standard, about the best choices in winter work wear. We talked tights, boots and leggings. Yes, leggings as pants for work. More here.
  • I joined a group of charitable carolers as they sang holiday favorites to neighbors and friends for Caroling for Warmth. They raised money for people in need of warm clothes such as sweaters and long sleeve shirts. More here.
  • I talked to Ashok Bhatia, of India, and Omar Alomar, of Iraq, about how they celebrate the holidays and how their traditions differ from American traditions. To read more, view the full article here.
  • I visited with several boutique owners about the best New Year’s Eve fashion accessories. We discussed statement necklaces, sequins blazers and cocktail rings. More here.
  • I joined a group of regular trivia-goers for a night at El Roco. While there I met “the king of trivia” and learned about the history of the game in Grand Forks. More here.
  • I reviewed a ton of apps such as 99 Dresses, Lift and Circle.
  • And I met a couple stylish people along the way to do quick Q&A’s with for my weekly Street Style.

This month, I’m excited to share my first episode of my new video series “In the Artist’s Studio.” I’ll be back with more on that later.

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Street Style

It’s been about a month since I started my job as an Accent reporter for the Grand Forks Herald, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Everyday I’m interviewing artists, musicians and stylish people in the community. I get to listen to music, discover new artists and go to awesome shows.

One of my favorite parts of my job is my weekly Street Style feature. Every Friday, I wander around downtown Grand Forks looking for someone with impeccable style. Once I find someone I ask them a few questions about their style and outfit and take their photo. I love it because I’m always checking out people’s clothes and shoes, and now I have an excuse to ask them about their look.

Here’s the link to my second Street Style feature: http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/266757/publisher_ID/40/

Right when I walked into Urban on Friday, I saw Sarah’s outfit and knew she was the one! I love her effortlessly chic look. This week, the Isaac Schmidt is the first male to appear in Street Style. Be sure to check it out in Accent Sunday morning.

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Writing for the Web

My favorite class this semester has been Writing for the Web. I absolutely love the class because, well, it’s with my favorite professor Deneen Gilmour and it’s all about blogs, which I absolutely love. Deneen is always so excited about “new” media and online resources that it gets me excited about it too.

I’ve published two of my stories so far, one on Makin’ It Better and one on Doing It Downtown. Both were my own original ideas and I had a blast working on them.

The first story was about Ms. Simplicity, a professional organizer. I originally planned on writing the story mostly about her blog and how she shares organizing tips and tricks with her readers, but the idea changed after interviewing her. The story turned into more of a profile of her career and how she does what she does, but I think it still turned out great. And it was a lot of fun meeting Melissa and seeing her beautiful (and organized) home. It was also great to hear some of her organizing tips and tricks.

Ms. Simplicity organizes homes, lives

The second story was my favorite so far. It was all about shoes and what they say about the owner’s personality. I went downtown and interviewed F-M downtowners about their shoes. Then, I went to Journey’s in West Acres Mall and interviewed the “experts.” It was a lot of fun and interesting to see what people had to say about their personalities and shoes.

Shoes Talk: FM downtowners reveal personality traits through their shoes

Everyone has come up with such interesting story ideas this semester, so go check them out at Doing It Downtown and Makin It Better. Be sure to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think.

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